Access Control

HOA Technology is a specialist in the field of access control. We offer complete design, installation and maintenance packages that are tailored to each individual client’s requirements and objectives.

Installing HOA Technology access control systems is a way of protecting your property, your personnel and your visitors. By managing and monitoring access into and from any area or building, HOA Technology Systems can provide control over any site, however large or small.

From simple systems consisting of access control for three or four doors to multi-site high security systems that incorporate the control of thousands of card readers located at different sites, HOA Technology will design a system that provides each client an individual solution.

What Is Access Control?

Essentially, access control software allows site administrators to manage users, doors, and gates.

Users are issued a set of permissions that grants them valid access to certain points of entry, while keeping other locations off limits.

Access control allows for easy modification of user credentials, convenient door management, custom access schedules, detailed access logs, and much, much more.


Your Needs and Requirements

Access Control systems can be as flexible or as rigid as required, from allowing all employees access to all areas, simply monitoring their whereabouts to a comprehensive system which can be adjusted according to levels of security across employees and area. HOA Technology’s experienced team of technicians work in conjunction with each client to ensure that the solution proposed meets the objectives of the client both now and in the foreseeable future.

Your Total Control

Some of the many benefits of installing access control in your organization are restricting walk-through traffic into secure areas and reducing the use of easily copied keys as well as making cost savings on lock replacement with electronic systems where personnel access levels can be changed in a matter of minutes. We offer a wide range of systems, incorporating proximity cards, swipe cards, smart cards and Biometric fingerprint technology, all of which can be integrated into the main access control software and hardware.

Your Total Control

Adaptable to Any Environment 

As well as reducing company costs and protecting property, an access control system can provide peace of mind for personnel who are able to work freely in a safe environment. In addition, real time reports produced in connection with an Access Control system can aid Health and Safety monitoring, giving details of where personnel and visitors are in any site at any time for fire evacuations. An access control system can even manage employee time and attendance.

Comprehensive Site Management

By deploying our access control systems, you can control who can access your organization, which areas they can visit and when they can enter. The sophisticated technology of an access control system will automatically fulfill security tasks such as locking and unlocking doors as well as monitoring both valid and invalid attempts at access and void card use. Unlike using keys, an automated access control system allows you to appoint, change or remove entry privileges immediately.

Comprehensive Site Management

Matching the Technology to your Needs

HOA Technology does not rely on any one supplier of access control products, although we are an authorized distributor of some of the best manufacturers in the industry. We instead concentrate on finding the best systems and the most reliable suppliers, thereby ensuring the quality service we offer is not compromised.