E120: Manual Backup

E120: Auto Backup

DVR Manual Backup
  1. Press BACKUP on the front panel or remote control and log in.
  2. Insert media.
  3. Select TARGET media.
  4. Caution: If you are using a new USB device to back up your data, you must format it first as FAT32.
  5. Set FROM and TO date and time.
  6. Select CHANNELS to include in backup.
  7. Select ESTIMATE to display estimated data size and free space available.
  8. Note: ESTIMATE must be selected before selecting the WRITE function. If any backup parameters are changed (Date, Time, Channels) you must select ESTIMATE again.
  9. Select WRITE to start backup.
  10. Caution: Do not shutdown the system during the backup process.

Back up recorded data on a CD-RW, DVD-RW or connected USB device.

Tip: Refer to the list of Approved USB Flash Drives in the Introduction chapter.

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