Video & Analytics


Effective, Tailor-Made CCTV Systems

HOA Technology Systems is a market leader in the design and installation of effective Closed Circuit Television systems (CCTV). From a single camera to multiple sites and camera systems incorporating hundreds of cameras, HOA Technology has experience in designing and installing them all. We install the very latest in system technology and are constantly reviewing and researching new products to make sure that HOA Technology stays at the forefront of these cutting edge products and technologies.

Choosing the Best CCTV System for your Needs

When it comes to deciding which equipment to use for our clients; HOA Technology is attentive to our clients’ specific needs. We do not believe in tying ourselves to one manufacturer but instead use only the equipment that will provide the best fit to the precise needs of our customers. Typical brands we install include Pelco, Panasonic, Sony, Dedicated Micros, JVC and Verint.

The Power of Analytics

As security initiatives expand, the volume of surveillance video continues to grow without a corresponding increase in personnel. HOA Technology’s Video Analytics Solutions help make sense of the vast amounts of security video and data, automatically pinpointing potential security breaches and significant events quickly and without the need for constant monitoring. These automatic alerts transform threat detection from a manual, resource-intensive operation to an efficient, accurate, and automated process. HOA Technology’s Video Surveillance Solution lets security staff focus on deterring and managing threats, rather than watching banks of monitors trying to detect events of importance.

The Power of Analytics