Radius: Search

Radius: Search

Search Window Overview

The Radius Software has several options to allow easy searching to find specific video. From Motion and Sensor indexing to calendar views showing days with recorded video, the Radius Software is designed to help the user quickly locate specific data.

Below is a screenshot of the main search screen.

Performing a Basic Search

Right-click a recorder or camera in the Server List and select Search – or – click the Search button at the top of the screen.

(You must have the cameras up on radius for thsee options to be available)

Network Backup

  1. Open the Network Backup window. Right-click the desired recorder on the Server List and then click Network Backup.
  2. Click on a date on the calendar. Browse to preceding months/years using the arrows.
  3. Type a Start Time and an End Time or use the arrows to define the time.
  4. Select a backup location from the Target Drive list.
  5. Select the check boxes next to the channels to include in the backup or click the All check box.
  6. Click Start Backup. The Progress section will display backup progress.