The key to any access control system is the software sitting behind it. This not only needs to be reliable but has to have flexibility for future requirements. We will always take this into consideration when specifying a system to suit your needs.

While many systems on the market may appear to have similar functionality, the true test comes when you look at the ease of use for your employees. By taking this and other factors, such as linking of data sources and integration, into account we help ensure that the system is geared to your requirements both now and in the future. Our access control software can be customized for an entire integrated card access system with access control cards, video surveillance (CCTV/DVR) security systems – all in a Web-enabled environment. The card access systems can integrate with most industry standard hardware.

It can be used to drive multiplexed intruder alarm systems, networked access, PC based security management applications, gateway communication solutions and other integrated security and management solutions. You will find our access control software products provide ease of use, flexibility and integration control.

Cloud servers keep your data backed up remotely.Cloud software allows for mobile access control.

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