Video Solutions

Digital CCTV Solutions

High resolution digital CCTV systems are a key area of expansion for HOA Technology Systems. Digital technology is fast becoming all pervasive in both consumer and commercial camera systems, the potential benefits are enormous. Network cameras (or Network IP Cameras as they are also known) are a revolutionary concept for security systems and a whole variety of other applications. Network cameras can be run via existing computer networks such as LANs, WANs and even over secure systems on the Internet.

Network cameras can do away with the need for an independent system of cables that traditional CCTV camera systems require. In addition they allow storage of recordings on standard computer hardware or dedicated storage equipment known as a Network Video Recorder, each of which is capable of storing vast quantities of data.

Megapixel Cameras

By using a single megapixel camera to replace multiple fixed cameras or a mechanical Pan, Tilt and Zoom camera; the ultra-high-resolution IP Video images provide better camera coverage, better picture detail and an overall superior IP video experience. The result is crisp clear images on recorded video not blurry images. The Digital Pan/Tilt/Zoom (DPTZ) lets you virtually move around a large image using a smaller viewing window. Since it is virtual you can still record the entire scene in Megapixel resolution even though you may be digitally “zoomed in” so you never miss a thing.