Terms of Sale

Terms of Sale

General Terms of Sale

PLEASE NOTE : Pricing provided in proposal is good for 45 days.

Work hours shall be between 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

No work will be completed on weekends or holidays.

Adjustment of existing door hardware and closers is not included

Unless expressly included in the proposal, new door hardware (e.g., privacy and security screening, hinges, latches, latch bolts, latch pockets, strike/latch plates, and handles) is NOT INCLUDED

Unless expressly included in the proposal, new gate/door closers ARE NOT INCLUDED

While this system is designed to meet or exceed generally accepted access control practices, the local authority having jurisdiction (LAHJ) over the fire, health and building department regulations may impose specific requirements upon the system that will require a change order. Change orders will be submitted for customer approval before any work not covered by this proposal is begun.

AHJ meetings – One onsite meeting is included in this proposal. If and authority/inspector requires a representative to attend additional meetings, those meetings will be billed separately at the rate of $110/hour inclusive of travel to and from the site. Written client approval is mandatory for all expenses not included in the proposal.

Sales Tax will be applied in conformity with California State Board of Equalization requirements (http://www.boe.ca.gov/pdf/pub108.pdf)

A 50% deposit is required before the project will be placed on the construction schedule.


Adequate and reliable 120 VAC power installed into each location specified

Conduit meeting NEC 2010 specifications to be provided and installed by others unless otherwise noted

Broadband Internet access (including all IPs, subnet, gateway and user/pass information)

Paint codes MUST BE PROVIDED PRIOR TO JOBSTART otherwise affected areas will be left primed.

OSHA’s sanitation standard for general industry, 29 CFR 1910.141(c)(l)(i), requires employers to provide their employees with toilet facilities. No provisions have been made for rental lavatory and hand washing stations. Customer will provide access to toilet facilities per OSHA requirements.


HOA Technology warranties all electronic equipment supplied and installed by HOA Technology for a period of 24 months. Equipment defects not caused by abuse, neglect, tampering, misuse or vandalism will include labor for repairs/re-installation for the first 12 months after initial installation.

HOA Technology’s warranty does not include labor or service call fees for repairs on equipment installed beyond the first 12 months.

HOA Technology will service and/or repair all equipment installed and provided by HOA Technology for the life of equipment. Calls for service or repair beyond the first 24 months will be billable for service calls and equipment repairs.

For immediate assistance 24 hours per day, please contact our Customer Care Team at [email protected] or (949) 916-1400.